Thursday, April 26, 2012

Question Your World - Some Hot Nascar Science

Have you ever thought about the numbers behind NASCAR?  We’re not talking about the number of your favorite driver; we’re talking about the amazing math and science behind these speedy racers.  For example those super powerful engines race around at incredible speeds. Some have even been known to go around 200 mph in a straightaway, thus producing a lot of engine heat.  Temperatures have been recorded at about 140 degrees INSIDE the car.  Compound that with the amazing about of heat from the friction of those wheels constantly rubbing against the track and we’re looking at some hot, hot, hot numbers!

So, 140 degrees inside the car and the heat of the track itself, we’re looking at some sweaty drivers!  In fact, some NASCAR drivers have been known to lose anywhere from 5 – 10 lbs simply from perspiration!

Those are some hot-hot rods! 

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Friday, April 6, 2012


Water we talking about?!?!? We're talking about two hydrogen atoms forged together with one oxygen atom. The merging of these two elements has been monumental to life as we know it here on Earth! Every person you know and most every single living thing on this planet needs water. For us humans, we need about 8-12 glasses of delicious fresh water. So, how much fresh water is there on this planet anyway? Well, most of the Earth is covered in water. A beautiful blue liquid carpet coats nearly 70% of the Earth's surface. Despite its abundance, we can't actually use all of that. We humans need fresh water (not salt water that seems to own the monopoly on our oceans). It's pretty amazing to consider that only 2.5% of all the water on our entire planet is useable for drinking. Oh but there's more! That 2.5% fresh water statistic is accurate, but not very useful for us considering that it factors in all the water that's frozen in ice, running below our feet, in the atmosphere, plants, and animals. So, what even smaller amount is useable by us? A little less than 0.4% of the water on this planet is available for all of us to use for drinking! That's right, the seven billion plus global population has to share a little less than 0.4% of the water on this planet,thus making it one of our most precious resources. So, I guess it’s true when we're told to turn off the tap when we're not using it, because that water is a very special part of this Earth and our lives and we certainly should not be wasting it.

Aside from keeping humans hydrated, water serves a few other important tasks. We need fresh water to grow all of our delicious foods! Everything from your morning coffee to your late night ice cream snack requires the use of this awesome substance, water! Also, don't forget, we're not alone...your pets, those birds you hear when you go outside, the animals you see on TV, and most any other critter needs the same thing that keeps us going, guessed it, water!

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