Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Question of the Week

Suppose you are going on vacation and want to save on your heating bill.  Which will save more - turning off your heat completely (assuming your pipes won't freeze) or just setting the thermostat to a lower temperature?

In other words, does it cost more to heat the house up from a very cold temperature than it would to keep it at a more moderate temperature while you are gone?

Answer:  Turn off your heat! Based on years of research, the US Department of Energy concluded "the fuel required to reheat a building to a comfortable temperature is roughly equal to the fuel saved as the building drops to a lower temperature. You save fuel between the time that the temperature stabilizes at the lower level and the next time the heat is needed." In other words, during the period your house is at its coldest temperature, you are saving on your fuel bill. So if you aren't worried about your water pipes, pets or tender houseplants, turn off the heat while you are away. Not only will you save on your fuel bill, but you will also conserve valuable natural resources.

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