Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Question of the Week

What are you afraid of?  Snakes, spiders, heights, loud noises?

For me, I am ok with snakes and spiders, although I am not fond enough of either to have one as a pet.

One animal that really creeps me out, though - crickets.  Perhaps I had one too many experiences with them as a child.  Growing up in a rural area surrounded by farms was wonderful - until fall when the field crickets invaded.  Generally, you can't see them but you can certainly hear them.  They can sing their little hearts out, especially in the middle of the night.  Sometimes it's so annoying that going after them is the only solution.  However, you can follow that infernal noise only so far.  They are incredibly adept at sensing when you are hot on the trail - instant silence.  Finding a silent cricket in the dark is very, very tricky.  But if you get lucky and manage to find the noisy  critter, then... Have you ever tried to kill a cricket?  They hop in 12 directions at once, and if you smush him - YUK!  Cricket guts go everywhere!

So, no, I am not fond of crickets.  You might say I have cricketaphobia.  Now what are you afraid of?

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