Monday, November 8, 2010

Question of the Week

The SunTrust Richmond Marathon is this Saturday, November 13, 2010.  NBC12's Andrew Freiden has posted the following weather forecast for race day:
  •  7 am - low to mid-40's, mostly sunny
  •  Noon - near 60, partly sunny
  •  3 pm - mid-60's, partly sunny
What is ideal race weather?

Answer:  Ideal running weather -
  • Temperature - runners have different preferences but generally prefer low 40's to mid-50's. Intense muscle activity generates a lot of heat; cooler temperatures help prevent overheating.
  • Humidity - low to moderate. Lower humidities mean less water vapor and more oxygen with each breath. The runner's body does not have to work as hard to get enough oxygen to his/her muscles.
  • Wind - 5 mph. A slight breeze is better than no wind at all. The breeze helps keep the runner cool by evaporating sweat from the runner's skin. As for direction, a tail wind is always welcome.
  • Time of day - morning. Morning means less glare off cars and pavement and less wind, also less traffic.

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