Monday, February 14, 2011

Question of the Week

Happy Valentine's Day!  Sure, Valentine's Day is about love and your significant other, but Valentine's Day is also about chocolate.  How much do you know about this delicious and tempting treat?

Which statement(s) below are true?
     a.  Chocolate causes cavities.
     b.  Chocolate causes acne.
     c.  Chocolate raises cholesterol levels.
     d.  Chocolate causes headaches.
     e.  Chocolate is addictive.
     f.  Chocolate lovers live longer.

Answer:  f is the only totally true statement in the list.

(a) Chocolate does not cause cavities by itself but the added sugar might. 
(b) Studies have shown that eating chocolate does not cause acne; in fact, doctors believe that acne may not be linked to diet at all. 
(c) Chocolate does not raise LDL (bad cholesterol) because the stearic acid in chocolate is a neutral fat that does not raise cholesterol levels. 
(d) A few studies show that migraine headaches may be triggered by chocolate, but there is little evidence that it causes other headaches (so if you answered d, you may count your answer correct).
(e) People claim to be addicted to chocolate, but there is no hard evidence that it is physically addicting.

(f) Eating chocolate may help you live longer.  A Harvard University study found that men who ate chocolate lived one year longer than those who didn't.  Scientists believe that chocolate contains chemicals that keep the blood vessels elastic, plus chocolate may increase beneficial antioxidants levels in the bloodstream.  So enjoy a candy bar every now and then - without guilt.

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