Wednesday, October 19, 2011

QUESTION YOUR WORLD: Happy Halloween - priceless science

Hello boys and ghouls! Once again, the equinox has happened and daylight savings time has not ended yet, which means its time for Halloween!! Check out the video clip for some fun with Halloween numbers!

That's right $2 BILLION spent on candy each year for Halloween. What a sweet research project this was! For more information check out this link from the National Retail Federation, . They've studied up and surveyed a lot of information about what flies off the shelf around Halloween.

Also, all that candy means a lot of sugar in a lot of mouths! That's the tooth folks! Our teeth are pretty amazing actually. Check out some interesting facts on teeth for all of you that want to bite into this topic a bit more:

Whoa! Sharks have about 40 sets of teeth in their lifetime? A Chinese dentist once built a tower out of 28,000 human teeth??
Chew on that for a while!

Lastly, be sure to spot an awesome science based costume this year!! They can be as simple as a scientist or as complex as an atom! .

Be safe and have fun out there! Happy Halloween from us here at the Science Museum of Virginia!

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