Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Question Your World - Bad Predictions...about computers

Question Your World - Bad Predictions by ScienceMuseumofVA

So, things have changed a lot since 1943. Back then the computer industry was tiny compared to the giant booming, seemingly endless industry that it is these days. Thomas Watson has been quoted (or misquoted depending on who you ask) about how the world market could hold maybe 5 computers. Five computers?? Really?? Well, currently there are nearly 1 billion personal computers on the planet right now! If these trends continue we should hit the 2 billion mark in the year 2015. Wow! Motherload of motherboards! Wait, it gets better. This calculation is only based on personal computers. Once you factor in the machines used by various companies (big and small) and the millions used by governments around the world, that number becomes significantly larger!

Regardless, that quote sure was a sign of the times. Those words could never be said today.
For more information on Thomas Watson check out his wiki page!

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