Thursday, January 19, 2012

Question Your World - How often does it thunder??

Thunder!! by ScienceMuseumofVA

How often does thunder happen on Earth?

A LOT!! 2,000 times per minute!! Also impressive is the amount of lightning that strikes the Earth every minute. 6,000 lightning strikes per minute! These bright flashes and loud rumbles of thunder are scary to some, but rain fall is a vital part of what makes Earth such a wonderful place for us to live on.

Here's an idea. Instead of being startled by the next thunder rumble you hear, you can use it to do a mini weather forecast.
Once you see lightning, just count the amount of seconds before you hear thunder. Then divide that number by 5.

(seconds between the lightning flash and hearing thunder) 10/ 5 = 2
The storm is 2 miles away from you!
That's enough time to grab an umbrella!

Thunder is pretty impressive stuff.

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