Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Question Your World - Do we really need that much water?

Simple answer, yes!

The human body does some pretty exceptional work, but in order for it to function at optimal capacity it needs to be properly hydrated. Water is essential for all life and it's no wonder that our bodies need it for both physical and mental functions.

Water helps regulate your temperature, lubricates joints and muscles, and digestion! But did you know that the amount of water you drink has a direct impact on your brain?!?!

A properly hydrated body will yield a brain that has a stronger memory capacity, a level temperament, and will increase motivation! A lack of water will cause the brain to get slightly hydrated and reduce the oxygen flow to the cerebral center. Some scientists have also hypothesized that a dehydrated body will also have some temporarily shrunk neurons and receptors!!

So, remember to get in a good amount of water everyday, its good for you!

Here's some more info on relationship of water and your body!
So, how much water do you need??

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