Friday, March 30, 2012


How many different brains were involved in making it possible for you to read this blog entry? Whew! That's a tall order to even look into!

Think about all the amazing things the human brain has done, yet it's a pretty small organ. The brain takes up about 2% of your body mass, that's it! Despite its small size it sure does carry out a lot of vital functions that keep you going — such as: breathing, eating, walking, thinking, sleeping, sitting, showering, brushing your teeth, and so on...

The brain also uses up about 20% of the oxygen we take in!
On average a human brain is about 77% water!
The brain also works on about 20 watts of power (the same as a laptop or the bulb in your fridge)!
Need more brains? Here's more info on the brain!!
STILL need more brains?? ...even more info on your brain!!!

So since these things are so important, make sure you keep your brain safe!! Helmets are our friends!!

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